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Yoshimoto Physical Therapy has a number of treatment options to help you recover while on the go. In addition to traditional physical therapy treatments, we use Kinesio Tex Tape™. Developed in Japan, Kinesio Tex Tape™ provides benefits to the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, and lymphatic circulatory systems. We apply it to your body and it works around the clock for up to five days.

Kinesio Taping Rate
Initial Assessment and Taping $30 (Free with our Performance Recovery Program )
Follow ups $10 ($5.00 for each additional joint)

Yoshimoto Physical Therapy recommends Kinesio Tex Tape™ for its following attributes:
  • Its light-weight, waterproof elastic supports muscles and joints without restricting range of motion.

  • It decreases pain and swelling by improving circulation and speeding the healing time of injured muscles, tendons, and joints.

  • It inhibits tight, overstressed muscles.

  • It improves performance by facilitating proper recruitment of muscles, joint proprioception (balance), biomechanics, and kinesthetic sense.

  • It is a proven, effective treatment for all sports and dance injuries.

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what people say about us
“My physician initially stated that my shoulder was torn and that I would require reconstructive surgery. I elected to receive physical therapy instead of surgery and my physician referred me to Yoshimoto Physical Therapy

I am very grateful to Dean for extensively rehabilitating my shoulder and enabling me to avoid surgery.

I have recommended my close friends to Dean and would recommend anyone to try physical therapy with Dean Yoshimoto.”

~ Joanna Sullivan
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