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Diabetes Wellness

Physical therapy is the perfect complement to your medical care of diabetes. The therapists at Yoshimoto Physical Therapy are trained to establish an individualized program specific to your musculoskeletal condition and fitness level.

Physical therapy treatment may include joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, massage, active range of motion exercises, walking and balance exercises, strengthening, and aerobic exercises.

Regular physical therapy improves blood sugar levels of HDL (your good cholesterol), reduces body fat, blood pressure, and stress. Physical therapy also improves cardiovascular conditioning, carbohydrate metabolism, overall body function, and strength. Most importantly, it improves your level of well-being and overall diabetes control.

Physical therapists are aware of specific precautions for a variety of conditions. For example, the treatment program for patients with peripheral artery disease should be designed to decrease leg pain and increase walking distances. Diabetic patients with retinopathy should avoid the strain of anaerobic exercises. Nephropathy patients should avoid high-intensity exercises and limit their workouts to low or moderate levels. Peripheral Neuropathy patients should avoid high-level weight bearing exercises due to poor feedback in their feet and lower legs.

Let Yoshimoto Physical Therapy us be your healthcare professional to guide you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

We are partnered with the wonderful people at Ho'okele, a non-profit organization designed to help those with diabetes. Ho'okele offers numerous programs and provide guidance counselors to those with diabetes.

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what people say about us
“My physician initially stated that my shoulder was torn and that I would require reconstructive surgery. I elected to receive physical therapy instead of surgery and my physician referred me to Yoshimoto Physical Therapy

I am very grateful to Dean for extensively rehabilitating my shoulder and enabling me to avoid surgery.

I have recommended my close friends to Dean and would recommend anyone to try physical therapy with Dean Yoshimoto.”

~ Joanna Sullivan
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