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Martial Arts Rehab

Congratulations Joelle for making the Junior US National Team!!
Athletes of the highest levels are found in this sport. Physical and mental stamina are regularly put to the test - and injuries can be commonplace. That's why physical therapy is such a vital link to your ongoing training. Whether you are a professional martial artist or simply trying to stay in shape, Yoshimoto Physical Therapy is the place to go when you are injured.

The physical requirements of martial arts are very demanding on the body of both the amateur and professional martial artist. Martial artists suffer from a variety of injuries including muscle and tendon strains, ligament sprains, spinal and joint misalignments, and hyperextension injuries of the joints.

We will rebuild your body from injury and successfully return you to practice and competition in a timely manner.

The therapists at Yoshimoto Physical Therapy have extensive backgrounds in a variety of martial arts. We understand the physical and mental demands needed in various martial art disciplines, and we understand what is required to return an injured warrior back to battle.

Joelle Inciong Gold Medal Winner for Kata & Kumite.
Congratulations Joelle!!
We provide a hands-on approach to your wellness. You may receive joint mobilization and manipulation of your extremities and spine, soft tissue mobilization, deep tissue and sport massages, and an exercise routine to rebuild your musculoskeletal system specific to your martial art.

Performance Recovery Program for Martial Arts:

Stage 1 - Free Assessment
  • FREE 15-minute assessment of injuries.
  • Kinesio Taping for immediate care of injury.
  • Education on a personal self- care program.
Stage 2 - Physical Therapy Sessions
  • Personal injury management. Our physical therapists will ensure continued care so that you can still perform while injured.

Stage 3 - Physician Referral
  • Should the injury be severe, we can guide you to the appropriate specialists. We have established relationships with the leading physicians in Hawai'i who specialize in dance medicine.
We provide all athletes (professional, college, high-school, grade school, and recreational) with a customized, sport-specific program to improve their flexibility, strength, speed, balance, and explosive power. Our goal is to return our patients to their sport in a timely manner.

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what people say about us
“My physician initially stated that my shoulder was torn and that I would require reconstructive surgery. I elected to receive physical therapy instead of surgery and my physician referred me to Yoshimoto Physical Therapy

I am very grateful to Dean for extensively rehabilitating my shoulder and enabling me to avoid surgery.

I have recommended my close friends to Dean and would recommend anyone to try physical therapy with Dean Yoshimoto.”

~ Joanna Sullivan
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